This has been a crazy year and we, as a community, have had a lot happen to all of us. The Gilroy FFA chapter has seen this reflected in many ways including our seniors losing their graduation, some of our other members losing opportunities such as showing at our local fair, our career development competitions, developing college and career readiness skills and also our monthly chapter meetings, just to name a few. However this is only temporary, it’s not going to last forever. This is just a inconvenience

As a chapter, we continue to look toward a positive future. We are continuing to plan our end of the year banquet for the fall, where we give out awards for our members’ achievements and elect our new officer team for 2020-2021. We also are making a video celebrating our members’ achievements throughout the year, to supplement our banquet for this school year. We will be honoring our Greenhands, Chapter and State Degree recipients, as well honoring our four year members, plus some of our other members’ achievements.

We even had our first-ever virtual chapter meeting, where we talked about our old business and new business. After we discussed our chapter news, we played a game of scavenger hunt. As items were called out, members rushed around their houses to retrieve the items. There was a lot of much-needed laughter and silliness involved. It was a great way to stay connected with our members and bring a little joy into their day.

Some of our members have been continuing to raise their animals for fair, however it’s going to be through a virtual auction. These students will be submitting a video of their animal to the auction house, which then will be posted online. We have created a page on our website for our livestock members this year where community members can go and learn about their projects and what it takes for them to raise an animal. Students express what they have learned while raising these animals as well as share some skills they have gained. If you would be interested in purchasing any animals, participating in the auction, pricing and more, please visit our website at for more information.

In this time of hardships we need to find something to keep our minds off these challenging times and be safe doing it, whether it be taking on a new hobby, finding inspiration on a hike or in a book or just enjoying the simple things in life. Gilroy FFA members continue to connect with each other, chase their dreams and find the bright side of life.

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