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Just read your article online about the ceasefire resolution that was rejected by Gilroy’s city council. 

First, I wasn’t sure why the picture showed an empty room when I know for a fact that it wasn’t empty, in fact it had an overflow… but after I read your article, it made complete sense to me. The article itself is empty. 

No context about the settler colonialism that Israel has been engaged in since 1917. No mention about the ethnic cleansing, the apartheid and the genocide that people brought up. No mention about the women and children representing two-thirds of the Palestinians killed. No mention about the starvation that even 5-year-olds are decrying… all brought up in the public comments. 

You quoted council member Tovar who came across as very opportunistic but you failed to quote council member Armendariz who was very authentic describing the impact of the horror in Gaza is having on her. Why?

Your picture of an empty room shows the sanitized version that Israel wants to show the world. Unfortunately, social media broke down that myth but some people, especially here in the U.S., still want to perpetuate it. 

Anyway, you could have used your channel to educate us on the issue so we, collectively, make informed decisions on these important issues but you chose to boil down a human tragedy to a very accurate description of what happened on Oct. 7 and no description whatsoever to what happened before and after Oct. 7. 

What happens when journalism becomes a mere “he said, she said” is that GENOCIDE could happen in front of our eyes and we miss it. 

How tragic! If the scale of the carnage doesn’t shake your conscience and raises you above the platitudes, I don’t know what will. 

Kamila Kraba


Editor’s note: The online version of the Gilroy Dispatch story “City Council rejects Israel-Gaza ceasefire resolution” included a file photo of the Gilroy Council meeting chambers. 

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  1. By Leaving out the Oct. 7th massacre from your article you are whitewashing a tragedy. A tragedy that killed over 1,200 Israelis many of whom were at a gathering for peace. You obviously support the extremist terrorist group hamas which makes your opinion trash. Hamas won the 2006 Palestinian legislative elections and assumed administrative control of Gaza Strip and West Bank. The voted for, goverment of the palestine people, Hamas raped and kidnapped 253 men, women, and children. There will be no cease-fire until those poor souls are returned home and hamas is no more. We do not support terrorists in Gilroy and I respect the city council’s stance on the rejection. #GilroyStrong

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