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September 22, 2023

Letter: A local newspaper is essential

I read with great interest the Guest View article by Mr. Gary Walton, “It’s time to power up our local newspaper” (Gilroy Dispatch, March 25).

I agree with such alarm and the fear of not having a local newspaper.

Going through memory lane, I recall that on Wednesdays, Mr. Werner, the publisher and editor of the Gilroy Dispatch, would remind us, the delivery boys, to get the paper delivered by 5pm because the customers wanted to see what was playing at the Strand Theater! Such was the reliance of the local newspaper!

In those days the local newspaper was the information media to our community; it covered World War II and the advances of our troops and sadly, announced the names of our heroes who were KIA.

Advertisements were heavy and the people relied on the ads to do their shopping.

Importantly, there were reporters who delivered the events that were occurring in the city, not articles by politicians who tell us what a wonderful job they are doing.

A newspaper is essential to keep its eye on the government and inform us of the doings of all governmental agencies, and the departments within their authority.

I take Mr. Walton’s advice handedly.

Thank you, Mr. Walton, for the perfect explanation of what a city without a newspaper becomes.

In closing, let me ask why only one elevator is working at the Wheeler Manor—and it has been so for a couple of months. Does Eden Housing not recognize the inherent danger to tenants and first responders in the event of a major fire? Or, how about the delivery of goods and services? Are they wasting time awaiting the elevator?

Certainly, the local newspaper can check on this for the benefit of the many tenants who dwell herein!

Edward P. “Eddie” Sanchez


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