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August 12, 2022

Letter: Re-address Gilroy’s flagpole policy

Re: CNN article, May 4: “The Satanic Temple requests that Boston fly its flag after Supreme Court ruling”

When the City of Gilroy first discussed the issue of flying the LGBTQ flag on the city’s flagpole, a few of us tried to warn that the only flags that should ever be flown are the Flag of the United States of America and the California State Flag and to permit other flags would open pandora’s box to force the city to fly flags such as the Satanic Temple Flag, BLM, ANTIFA, etc.

Unfortunately and in their “very odd” wisdom, a narrow majority on Gilroy’s dais (4 to 3) voted to fly the LGBTQ flag over city hall for 30 days.

Even worse, those in the minority and who voted not to fly the LGBTQ flag, because they also strongly expressed that only the USA and California flag should be flown, were threatened via emails, phone calls and media, while being falsely accused of being anti-gay. 

So, this article shows us that their worst fears have come true…this is exactly why our city should fly only the USA/State flags on our city flagpole.

I sincerely hope the Gilroy voters will remember this when it comes time for them to vote for who to select to lead our city in future elections, and I hope our current council will re-address our city’s new flag policy to ensure that something like this can “never, ever” possibly happen in Gilroy, again!

Until then, I strongly urge the Gilroy City Council to consider flying the “Christian Flag” and the “Thin Blue Line Flag” at the time deemed appropriate by our public safety police officers and the members of our Christian community.

Ronald L. Kirkish


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