‘Proof’ blends romance, math and humor

Catherine (Michelle Beck) gets advice from her mathematical genius father Robert (L. Peter Callender) in TheatreWorks Silicon Valley's production of 'Proof.

TheatreWorks gathered a fine cast to give this production of “Proof” an intimate feeling of reference to what could be a perplexing subject-theoretical mathematics, humor and romance.
The Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning drama “Proof” by David Auburn has a mix of pathos, humor and wonder, which keeps the well done edginess of this dramatic piece. Leslie Martinson directs with a sensitivity and warmth that keeps attention and interest with a string of humor throughout the piece.
The story takes place in Chicago and centers around Catherine (Michelle Beck) who has dropped out of college for the past five years to take the responsibility for the care of her once brilliant renowned mathematician fathe, (L. Peter Callender.) She cut herself off from socializing and dedicated herself to taking care of him as he fell deeper into unreality and senility. He has just died, and we flash back and forth throughout the play to see what has brought her to this thin line nearing a breakdown and the choices she must make for her future.
Her controlling sister Claire (Ashley Bryant) arrives from New York to take over arranging the funeral and tries to push Catherine into decisions she is not ready to make. Hal (Lance Gardner) a former mentored student of Catherine’s father, completes this fine cast. He adds to her confusion by romancing her and then showing a lack of trust where it is needed most.
Annie Smart’s back porch set of the ramshackle house fits the moments of time with Noah Marin’s costumes, Steven B. Mannshardt’s lighting and sound by Gregory Robinson giving the comfortable set a realistic feel.
Mountain View Center For The Performing Arts
500 Castro St., Mountain View
Performances through Nov. 1
Running time: 2 hours, 20 minutes, one intermission
Tickets: $19-$80
Call 650/463-1960