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“I am pleased the City of Gilroy installed solid diagonal white lanes, northbound on Santa Teresa Boulevard between Londmeadow and Sunrise drives. However, some drivers are ignoring the merge and drive right through as if there were no merge. Can the city install bumps on top of the solid diagonal white lanes or a barricade or any object or structure that would control traffic passage better (spike strips) and force the flow of traffic to merge to the left?”
Red Phone: Dear Cautious Driver, We’re not sure about the spike strips on such a major intersection. It probably wouldn’t be a good thing if cars got flat tires while driving.
However, it is an area that city operations is concerned about, said Don Dey, traffic engineer. The first step is to repaint the lines and re-bead the stripe to make it more visible at night, he said. Then later in the summer the city could add Botts’ dots pavement markers or raised ceramic titles to create bumps so drivers know they are not supposed to cross the lines.
The city does those projects in the summer because the pavement has to be warm enough for the dots to adhere to the surface, Dey said.

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