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May 29, 2023

It’s time to face it, the Giants just really stink

'The Giants game is starting, turn on the TV,

Don’t let your babies grow up to be pitchers

There's a famous story about how Babe Ruth finally became a slugger instead of a pitcher. The way the tale goes is that before the 1919 season, Boston Red Sox manager Ed Barrow confronted his young star and asked him point blank whether he wanted to hit or pitch.

Shoulder to shoulder and close the door

I realize that taking these tips from the black-and-white of the newspaper and transforming them into real swings on the range can be difficult. I often think about that when I am trying to convey a motion to my students. The simplest way to teach the swing is to illustrate the positions you should be in at the top and finish of the swing, and what happens in between.

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Don’t swing your driver like an iron

Often times players will wonder why they can hit their irons off

Guerrero heads to camp for Sept. bout

Gilroy – Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero is heading to camp to get ready for a bout scheduled on Sept. 16, his publicist said Thursday. The venue and opponent are to be announced.

Let’s settle this: Is cheerleading really a sport?

You expect a certain amount of negative feedback when you single out individuals for an "Athletes of the Year" feature. I just didn't expect the strongest criticism to come from cheerleaders.

Lace up those trainers for the Mt. Madonna Challenge

The Mt. Madonna Challenge, a 6K Salamander Walk and race and a