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June 19, 2021

Support our farmers, buy California grown

Many California consumers have a preference for California products over those produced elsewhere. For most folks, this preference is even stronger when it comes to the fresh produce we feed our families. In fact, 86% of California consumers report that “CA Grown” products matter to them. The good news is, California consumers have plenty of opportunities to buy California grown.
To help shoppers identify California grown produce, the CA Grown campaign was established. You have probably seen the classic blue California license plate with CA GROWN in yellow letters on labels for fruits, vegetables, and flowers. This label reminds us how important it is to seek out and purchase agricultural products grown and produced in California.
When you buy California Grown, you support local farmers and ranchers and your dollars recirculate within your community. You support local business, employees, and their families. The CA GROWN license plate emphasizes the strong ties to our land and our neighbors that each of us values. It reminds us to take pride in our homegrown products and in our own work and contributions. Buying CA Grown supports our economy and the Californian way of life.
When it comes to produce, California Grown also denotes a higher quality product raised under some of the most strict regulations in the world. When we buy CA GROWN fresh fruits and vegetables, we can trust that quality control standards are followed from the fields, to the harvesting crew, to the cooler, and to our supermarkets. Environmental safeguards are in place, workers are treated fairly, and resources like water are valued and conserved. As consumers, we are tapping into the safest and most reliable food supply in the world.
Most of us have made the connection, which is why almost two-thirds (63%) of California consumers report they are “very likely” to purchase a “CA Grown” product over another seemingly identical product if they are priced the same. For those who are still on the fence, start looking for the little blue license plate that lets you know you’re making a wise purchase. Buying CA Grown is an investment in your community.
Jennifer Scheer is executive director of the Santa Clara County Farm Bureau and a fourth-generation California farmer.

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