Updated: Possible fatality in wreck on 25; several victims airlifted


Emergency responders were attempting to resuscitate the male driver of a car in an accident Wednesday morning on Highway 25 as they placed him in an ambulance, while several subjects from a sport utility vehicle in the wreck were airlifted to a regional hospital.

The accident was reported at 9:38 a.m. on Highway 25 and Wright Road just outside of Hollister.

The male driver of a PT Cruiser was unconscious as responders pulled him from the car onto a backboard and performed CPR on him. They did so for more than 10 minutes before placing him in an ambulance while continuing the resuscitation attempt, thrusting on the man’s chest as bystanders watched from the roadside.

The car was upright next to a farm field on the west side of the road. The SUV overturned and came to a rest on the same side of the highway, bordering Wright Road.

There was an adult female and four young minors in the overturned SUV. Responders stabilized the injury victims and treated them at the scene, with Calstar arriving around 10:15 a.m. to transport some of them.

Authorities diverted traffic between McCloskey and San Felipe roads to allow the helicopter to land in the middle of Highway 25.

Check back for more later, including photos.


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