In an effort to save time for passengers and go paperless, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority will replace all paper transit passes with the regional electronic Clipper card, according to a VTA press release.

As of July 1, all VTA customers will be required to pay for rides on VTA buses and light rail with the reloadable, all-in-one “smart card.”

“Clipper saves time and makes transfers easy,” said Santa Clara County Supervisor and VTA Board Chair Ken Yeager. “Riders no longer have to have exact change or carry multiple passes from different transit agencies.”

The Clipper card can hold multiple fare types specific to the transit system being uses, and can hold up to $300 in cash value at one time, the press release said.

In addition to allowing customers to pay for transit throughout the entire Bay Area using just one card, Clipper cards are environmentally friendly since they can be used indefinitely, unlike the paper pass which expires in 30 days, according to VTA staff. Also, since Clipper cards can be registered for added security, customers can have their card replaced and balance restored if the card is lost or stolen.

Clipper looks like a credit card or debit card, the press release said. It allows passengers to load cash value and monthly passes over the phone, on the internet, and at a variety of point of sale locations, including Walgreens. Customers can automatically load cash value or monthly passes by linking a credit/debit card or bank account to their Clipper card.

For more information, contact VTA’s Customer Service at 408-321-2300, TTY (408) 321-2330; or visit or call Clipper Customer Service at 877-878-8883.

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