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May 29, 2023

Washington artist showing work at Gallery 1202

Gallery 1202, 7363 Monterey St., is presenting “Through the Limpet Ring,” a solo show by Laurie Barmore. 

This exhibition showcases all new works created from the past year by Barmore, a Washington-based artist. She draws inspiration from the beaches of a nearby inlet of the Pacific Ocean called the Puget Sound for her large-scale acrylic paintings.

“To create these non-representational paintings, I’ve allowed my hands the freedom to move across the canvas with charcoal and paint making intuitive marks that rise from memory, impressions, and feelings stirred by countless hours on the beach,” Barmore said. “They’re undefined initially, but like mining my soul, shapes and ideas will emerge in the process that direct me to something particular, and I catch sight of my humanity within the designs of the natural world. Metaphors emerge dreamlike, I breathe in and out, the tides rise and recede. I hope my paintings connect you to the infinite beauty of your own inner landscape and spark in you a desire to wander.”

The show runs through April 15.

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