Why do outlet stores leave doors open with AC running?

Red Phone

We were just at the outlets in Gilroy and went into a store. The air conditioner was blasting and they had all four doors open at the business. Why would they leave the doors open when it was in the high-80s?
Red Phone:
Red Phone is on your side on this, good caller, although technically it is objective.
Red Phone spoke to the management office of Gilroy Premium Outlets about this observed problem and was given an official statement: “Our top priority is to create a comfortable and welcoming shopping environment. It is the general policy of Gilroy Premium Outlets that stores keep their doors closed if the outside temperature exceeds 90 degrees.
If a shopper is concerned about open doors, they can report it to the center’s management office for follow up.”
If you want to lodge a complaint next time around, you can call (408) 842-3729.
Red Phone reasons that since the outside temperature was in the 80s, the store was technically in compliance with the above policy. To answer the philosophical question “why?”, Red Phone can only suggest this question be answered by the store in question, whose name was not provided.


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