City launches new informative website

Keeping up with the City of Gilroy just became a few clicks easier.

On March 23 the city launched “Your Voice,” a new community engagement site designed to keep Gilroyans engaged in projects that affect the city and its citizens.

“The City Council and I have been striving to connect better and hear from our residents and Your Voice  is a great enhancement to the city’s communication strategy and a way for our residents to further engage with the city,” said Gilroy Mayor Roland Velasco in a statement.

Information about ongoing and future city projects, new developments in high-speed rail, updates to the Gilroy 2040 General Plan, emergency planning at #ReadyGilroy, along with easy access to city staff for questions are features of “Your Voice.”

“For citizens who aren’t able to make it to city council meetings, this is a great way for them to keep informed or engaged at home,” said City of Gilroy Public Information Officer Rachelle Bedell. “We researched for quite awhile, and we found this website to be a good fit.”

The platform for Your Voice was designed by Bang The Table, an international online engagement company. The city will pay an annual subscription fee of $12,000 for the service.

“We believe that strong communities are built on collaboration, pride, and a unified vision,” the city said in its press release announcement of the new site.

“By increasing our level of communication and engagement with our community, we aim to build a stronger, more resilient community. We anticipate that project topics on this site will frequently update as projects throughout the city progress, come to completion, and start anew.”

To check it out, go to