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December 6, 2023

GPD seeks murder suspect in gang shooting

In what they are calling a gang-related shooting, Gilroy Police are seeking Jay Robert Vasquez, 20 as a suspect in the murder of 32-year-old Gilroy resident, Jason Contreras on the 7500 block of Alexander Street.
A warrant has been issued for his arrest. Vasquez should be considered armed and dangerous. His whereabouts are currently unknown.
The Investigations Bureau is asking anyone who may have information about Vasquez’ whereabouts to call the Gilroy Police Department at (408) 846-0350 or Detective Eric Cryar at (408) 846-0335. Callers may remain anonymous.
This was the city’s first homicide of the year.

Brad Kava
Brad Kavahttps://morganhilltime.wpengine.com
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  1. I’m sorry but these statements are the most pathetic and honestly as a human being the most saddest and disgusting thing I’ve ever read to hear people belittle what was taken from me and my family because they assumed they new someone of 20 years of age clearly your mentality is not only bias and corrupted but lacking common sense in its most basic form. I love you Jason you where a older brother a father a friend to all of us who didn’t have that growing up n I know your still going to protect me still like you did here on earth in heaven. r.i.p Jason you will never be forgotten and truly missed. even though this hurts you left so many memories with us enough smiles, hilarious…… i cant breath moments, wise talks that corrected our path when we’d go wander out to far, even when we swore we knew everything and we were old enough to make decisions… we didn’t have a clue but you knew … I understand now…. I wish I only did it sooner….. I’m going to make you proud. I thought we still have more time… now its going to be one of my biggest regrets but I wont let you down no more…it will be impossible us forget your solid truly one of a kind heart. until we meet again. i love you cousin


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