3 letters: Venros make Gilroy trashy; Kudos for colorguard; Where were Whitney’s ‘close friends?’


Vendors ‘at every corner’ make Gilroy look like one big eyesore compared to Morgan Hill
Dear Editor,
When I drive through Morgan Hill, I see a community that takes great pride in the beauty of their town. When I drive through Gilroy, I see a town that consists of vendors at every corner – whether it be taco stands, people selling fruit, or people selling tamales from an ice chest in their car.
I am not prejudice, and am all for those who are trying to make a living. However, I am also for everyone doing their part and aiding in a recovering economy. If the city allows these vendors, who pay no taxes and no licensing fees, to exist, they are allowing the small and big businesses that are paying their dues, to feel the pain.
When I drive by Monterey Street and Farrell Avenue on the north side of town, I see tons of people buying food from a taco truck in front of Paul’s Liquors. Not only is this an eyesore, it is also a “business” that should be banned from the once-beautiful city of Gilroy.
I live near Farrell and Church, and am disgusted at the smell that emanates from this taco truck. I also don’t appreciate the liquor that is being consumed outside of the liquor store in front of the taco stand. Last time I checked, a liquor store sells liquor to go only. Well, maybe the city doesn’t care if someone gets wasted and then gets in their car and kills somebody. They may like the opportunistic DUI fees that may come along with that.
I also don’t like having to explain to my children when we drive by there why there are people urinating outside their building. Do they not have restrooms? The city just cracked down on the Valentine’s Day vendors that were hurting the local florists. What about the illegal “roach coaches” that are hurting the local restaurants?
All the businesses that are struggling to stay open, will soon close their doors if the city doesn’t support them and shut down these atrocities. I guess all the “thanks” the small businesses get is a higher tax rate and more fees imposed. Why are these taco stands and street vendors still operating?
I heard one reason is because the mayor has a hand in it and sells insurance to the property where they’re being operated. Hmmm interesting. To me, that sounds like mixing business with politics.
Anne Williams, Gilroy

Gilroy/Christopher Colorguard did an outstanding job and deserved the championship
Dear Editor,
I had the pleasure of attending the California Colorguard Circuit Invitational last Saturday at Leigh High School in San Jose.
It was the first time I got to see the Gilroy/Christopher Alliance Winter Guard perform. Wow! They were just outstanding.
What stood out most to me was the enthusiasm and the joy on their faces as they performed.
I want to urge the community to support this excellent activity and to attend one of the colorguard’s performances should they have the opportunity to do so. They won’t be sorry.
Congratulations Gilroy/Christopher Alliance Winter Color Guard on your first-place trophy. You definitely are champions!
Dolores Ferriera Batrez, San Jose

Sure, all those ‘close friends’ of Whitney … where were they?

Dear Editor,
When celebrities pass away, out of the woodwork come an army of “friends.” These people regale us with all sorts of intimate details about the deceased.
Whitney Houston has been on a very public downward spiral for at least five years. Every tabloid on the newsstands had headlines about her demise. Why weren’t these “close friends” intervening? Perhaps there is no money to be made from a star in rehab? Didn’t we see this all before with Michael Jackson?
Keith C. De Filippis, San Jose


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