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August 8, 2020

Tag: 401(k)

Give yourself the gift of retirement

Readers of my articles know that I am a huge fan of compound interest. With the holiday season already entrenched in retail stores and online, it seems that everyone wants to sell you something as a gift for your friends or family. But for most people, you’re not being given the opportunity to enjoy a worry-free retirement. So in the spirit of the holiday, give yourself the ultimate gift of a hassle-free retirement. Over time, those retirement accounts will yield interest and compound interest, amounting to sums that are larger than you might think.

Ways to maximize your minimum required distribution

If you are age 701/2 or over and own either a traditional IRA, 401(k) plan or other employment-based savings plan, you are usually required to withdraw a certain amount of money each year. These withdrawals are minimum required distributions (MRD), or what can also be referred to as required minimum distributions (RMD). For consistency purposes, I will refer to them as minimum required distribution (MRD). MRD is usually taxable income, so if you made after-tax contributions to these accounts, part of your minimum required distribution may be nontaxable.

Secrets robo-advisor sites are keeping from you

Everything is going digital. There are even companies that sell a suite of services called “robo-advisors” that offers subscribers a “low-cost, algorithm-derived, passive strategic asset allocation.” Service providers claim that using their technology platform, investors no longer need to use a financial advisor.

It’s Never Too Late to Plan for Retirement

If you’re in your 50’s and haven’t yet started to plan for your retirement, do not panic. But do start to take action now. Even for late-starters with nothing put away, there are viable retirement options. Follow these steps to ensure that you still can live comfortably when retirement comes.