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July 24, 2024

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Nominating begins for Nov. 5 election candidates

The nomination period for candidates for local elected offices on the Nov. 5 general election ballot opened July 15 and will close at 5pm...
google tree farm gilroy rossi lane greg bozzo

Google’s Gilroy farm plans to sell trees to the public

Greg Bozzo, sitting behind the wheel of an all-terrain vehicle, traverses through a tree farm that has sprouted up next to an industrial area...

Seeking solutions so our up-and-coming wineries keep the ‘mojo’ going

So, spring Passport Weekend for our wonderful, visitor attracting wineries is a comin’ fast on March 23 and 24 and a spat has broken out. Hopefully, Sycamore Creek will change direction and participate in the weekend and, hopefully, the winery owners will get together to seek solutions to the challenges of parking and rowdy wine drinkers who overindulge. Toward that end, perhaps the winery owners could consider hiring shuttle buses – a few for the Gilroy area and a few, likewise, for Morgan Hil. The buses could ferry passengers on a loop route between wineries during the weekend. A main parking lot would have to be identified and promoted – Dhruv Khanna’s paved soccer field parking lot at Kirigin Cellars could work, for example – and that could minimize some of the challenges. If the winery owners are smart, they’ll do what they can to solve the problems themselves and collectively keep intact the momentum of Passport Weekend and the growing reputation for fun events, good wine and hospitable staffs that the area wineries have built.