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July 21, 2024

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Guest View: Public safety and second chances go hand in hand

Public safety and providing opportunities for individuals leaving jail or prison can be perceived as opposing objectives. But the County of Santa Clara is...

Homicides, assaults surpassed average in 2021

Violent crime was on the rise in Gilroy in 2021, capped off by six homicides that were well above the city’s average rate, according...
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Hospital staffers thank first responders

Staff from St. Louise Regional Hospital traveled to more than a dozen police and fire stations around South County Oct. 28, thanking first responders...

Details are scarce in wave of shootings

The 21-year-old man who was shot in his car on Jan. 2 died on Jan. 12, Gilroy Police reported. The victim was identified as Robert...

Gilroy appoints police, fire chiefs

Two Gilroy public safety veterans have been appointed to the top spots of their respective departments. The Gilroy City Council appointed Pedro Espinoza as police...

Pit bull barges in home, kills poodle

Samie Moretti watched in horror as a pit bull bolted into her home and clamped its jaw down on the neck of Lacy, her fluffy white poodle.

Car chase for wanted felon leads to crash, student left with...

Police engaged in a vehicle chase in pursuit of a Gilroy man with a $100,000 warrant at 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday, which ended in a car crash that smashed a parked vehicle on Gaunt Avenue.

Railroad crossing bars down on Leavesley Road

UPDATE: The railroad crossing was repaired by Union Pacific Railroad crew by 5:15 Tuesday afternoon. Traffic was blocked for a total of two hours, according to Gilroy Police. 

Red Phone: Masks in public are not illegal

“Dear Red Phone, Twice recently I have seen a sign-twirler for one of those temporary Halloween stores that pop up every year holding a sign on the corner of 10th and Camino Arroyo (and in Morgan Hill on Cochrane Road). My problem is, these sign-twirlers wear full masks, you know those scary white ones that burglars wear. Isn't it illegal to completely cover your face in public with a mask, even in the festive season of Halloween? Thank you.”

Red Phone: What do police do about people living under a...

“Dear Red Phone, I want to know if you could put something in about the bridge on Howsland Street near Church Street. There's a bunch of garbage and a bunch of drug addicts that live under the bridge. I want to know why the city and Gilroy Police Department have done nothing about it. Thank you.”