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Californians have some decisions to make about legalized gambling.

There are many potential economic impacts of online gambling legalization in California that generate an overall buzz for the state and the gambling industry. The American Gaming Association and California Gambling Control Commission (CGCC) found that the commercial online casino industry alone contributes over $8 billion annually in tax revenue to the state and local governments. Additionally, legalizing sports betting could provide a new revenue source, as demonstrated by the success of other states neighboring California. Let us dive deeper into California’s online gambling sector: its legalization, impact, benefits, and future predictions of what it holds.

California has regulated several tribal casino sites, card rooms, and horse racing facilities. Unfortunately, the online gambling industry, including online slot games and real-money table games, is still not comprehensively legal. Casino experts and researchers think that the legalization of online gambling, such as sports betting, could lead to significant economic and social benefits. Let’s read more and discover why they think and feel this way.

The Regulation And Current State of Online Gambling in California 2024

Most online gambling activities in California are currently prohibited. This includes sports betting and casino games such as online slot games, table games, specialty games, and live dealer games. However, there are a few exceptions, which gamblers are happy to hear about. These are horse betting sites, daily fantasy sports, social casino sites, and sweepstake casinos.

The government has had ongoing legal discussions and laid down various regulations as part of the California Gambling Law. After several meetings, a vote was scheduled for November of this year. California residents will have the chance to vote on whether to legalize online gambling and sports betting, and it will be taken further from there. 

The CGCC governs all gaming in California, which also includes some tribal organizations. If online gambling is legalized in California, the CGCC will oversee the regulations.

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If online gambling is legalized, it will be overseen by the California Gambling Control Commission.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Legalizing Online Gambling

Legalizing online gambling and having a regulated gambling industry could have several benefits and positive outlooks for California and its economy. Although there are many negative opinions about legalizing gambling in California, there are ways to combat this. 

For example, the government can focus on implementing responsible gaming measures and funding treatment programs for problem gambling. This means that the state can do its very best to help protect vulnerable gamblers while still allowing them to have fun and engage in recreational gambling activities and exciting games. 

Below, we have listed some pros and cons of the legalization of online gambling and how it can impact or affect California:


  • A regulated gambling industry helps keep gamblers protected.
  • The country will benefit significantly from the precedents of casino tax in this state.
  • There will be potential revenue generation for California.
  • Casino sites could help the tourism industry grow and improve.
  • There will be a significant impact on employment and job creation throughout the state.
  • Many social and regulatory considerations will make a difference.
  • The country’s economic growth will spike.


  • There will be potential for increased problem gambling.
  • The state will have to address the concerns and face potential challenges.
  • There will be regulatory changes that will impact the gambling industry.
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Gambling in California could be good for the U.S. economy.

Future And Growth

The potential legalization of iGaming in California is a growing topic of interest and debate. There is a significant demand from both lawmakers and California residents advocating for this change. However, whether these efforts will gather enough momentum to enact real change throughout the state remains in question. 

Gaming enthusiasts in California are currently traveling to neighboring states, using offshore platforms and visiting tribal casinos to enjoy online gambling to their full extent. California’s legalization of iGaming would mean this was no longer the only option for gambling enthusiasts.

Although the future of online gambling in California is looking positive, it is still uncertain if this will change soon. Sports betting is currently at a higher rate of becoming legalized than online casinos. Many gamblers hope the next year will bring positive news regarding legalization.

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We are confident California will eventually legalize online gambling.

Our Verdict on Legalizing Online Gambling in California

With the hard work of California’s government and substantial investments from all sides, the future of online gambling in California is growing toward legalizing many casinos and their games. As we mentioned, sports betting will be legalized sometime soon, likely long before online gambling at casinos is. Nevertheless, we are confident that the legalization of iGaming will eventually follow, and California will be another leading state with a gambling legacy. 

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