Councilman Al Pinheiro’s leadership qualities: ‘retreat’


Dear Editor:
Election time’s a’comin’ – here comes Pamela Jones!
Dear Editor:

Election time’s a’comin’ – here comes Pamela Jones!

But Pamela: what were you inhaling while writing the Aug. 19 letter? Amidst those “happy feelings” you said:

1) “Mr. Brescoll needs to get a life.” Excellent! You’ve met/talked with me sufficiently to make that determination, obviously. Be specific, Pamela! Don’t spout a cliché without offering an alternative. What type ‘life’ must I get?

2) “(Brescoll) shows his bias in every letter.” Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary defines “bias”: “to give a settled and often prejudiced outlook” and “prejudice”: “preconceived judgment or opinion.” You got me, Pamela! Your error: most Dispatch writers are biased – even you!

3)”… please don’t be harsh on Mr. Pinheiro. He has great values and courage …” Maybe, but being Gilroy’s mayor requires something more: leadership! While he praises himself highly as a “leader”, two examples reflect his lack of that quality: A) When Ms. Hohenbrink declared her candidacy, Pinheiro said that “puts him in a different campaign mode and he will met with his campaign committee in the next few days” to discuss it. Will all his decisions be by “campaign committee?” B) His “solution” to the proposed Wal-Mart EIR study: “This is something we should first talk about a retreat.” There’s true leadership! Go behind closed doors where none can know how a position is reached nor by what route. That, Pamela, is not leadership!

4)”… the people of Gilroy realize that some people just simply do not represent their interests well. I hope Craig Gartman takes this to heart. He has good ideas but he needs to follow his conscience…” Is that first view a threat, Pamela? As to the implication Mr. Gartman better get the message: he has! He consistently follows principle rather than pandering to those whose attitude you reflect: that small group of local whiners who seek to bully, intimidate and threaten Council members into accepting their myopic mediocrity as wisdom and insight.

5) “Bob Dillon …a classy, articulate guy … who knows how to throw a great election night party!” Oh, Pamela, he throws things, all right. Do you remember his sad little temper tantrum against the Charter Cable representative early in his Council career? He set a tone for childishness he’s worked to maintain – including his “big brother” suggestion all fireworks be banned from Gilroy. That’s true “class,” Pamela.

6) “Guadalupe Arellano… is running (for mayor). She will be a great asset.” How? When confronted with her irresponsible behavior in failing, for two years, to file legally-required paperwork, she lamely claims [Mayoral candidate faces fines — Aug. 19] “… when you want to do something correctly, sometimes it takes time to do it correctly.” Two years of time, Pamela? Explain how this indifference to state law will make her a Gilroy asset.

7) “(Guadalupe) ran a clean campaign last time receiving more votes than Springer – that should have told the voters something.” Pamela, of course she received more votes than Springer last time. He was mayor (having beaten her and Charles Morales to become mayor two years earlier) and wasn’t on the ballot when she placed fifth for three Council seats! C’mon, Pamela, be factual in your implications.

Welcome back, Pamela! I hope, in future letters, you’ll be more accurate and specific than this time. Consider: maybe you’re just not inhaling the right stuff! Hey, try fresh air!

James Brescoll, Gilroy

Submitted Wednesday, Aug. 20


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