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June 19, 2021

Do you think Gilroy residents should pay to build a water theme park feature at Gilroy Gardens?

• No. I do not want a ‘water theme park’ that might attract older children and change the dynamics of the population attracted to the park, now.
• No. There are already three water play areas out there – a kiddie water area, a small log ride and the big duck paddle ride on the lake. I’d rather pay a bond on the swimming pool at South Valley Middle School. There are no summer activities for all age groups of children in the eastern neighborhoods.
• Yes ABSOLUTELY! Perhaps the question should be, ‘Would you be willing to support a Gilroy nonprofit organization that helps provide training and jobs for hundreds of Gilroy teens, that helps provide creative educational opportunities for young Gilroy students, that brings in millions of tourism dollars to local businesses, that offers community service opportunities for Gilroy High students desperately searching for ways to fulfill their graduation requirements, that provides a unique educational and recreational environment for families to gather and enjoy, and that enhances the QUALITY OF LIFE in our community?’ YES.
• No, a Raging Waters park is not what the community envisioned whatsoever.
• No. The city has a water park at Christopher High School already and Gilroy Gardens already accommodates both younger and older kids with water areas within the park for refreshment when it is hot. To put a water park in the Gardens would take away from the vision and goal of the Bonfante’s and the reason why they wanted to open the park to begin with.
• No, while I embrace the idea that our teens would have someplace entertaining to hang out I think it would detract from the educational component of Gilroy Gardens.
• No. I don’t see what value that is providing residents! n Absolutely not. Gilroy Gardens is a beautiful asset for Gilroy and is paying its own way.  However, Gilroy taxpayers should not be paying for any  additions. These decisions should be made by the Board of Gilroy Gardens and be paid for by Gilroy Garden’s profits.
• No. There are more pressing needs. I am not even sure a water feature would be the best addition to GG.
• No. Although, I am a huge supporter of the park as a community asset, I would hope the park could offer enhanced features through a typical revenue-driven business model.

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