GOLF TIPS: Find your right stage to improve

Bruce Lewis

There are three stages to developing your golf game and shot-making abilities. The three stages are when you wish you could hit a shot or shoot a certain score, believing you can hit that shot or score and knowing you can hit that shot or score.

If you still do not know where your shot-making abilities lie, there are three ways to determine where your golfing development stage is.

Weaker players look at the ball but think about their swing mechanics during while in motion. Average players look at the ball and think about hitting the ball. And advanced players look at the ball but see their target.

If you are in the stage you desire, there is no need for golf lessons. However, if your desire does not match your stage, it may be time to seek help to reach your goal.

Please remember, you need to be willing to put in the effort and time to get into the stage you want.

So if you need help swing by your local course and have a trained PGA teaching professional help your reach your desired level of play.

Patriot Golf Days

Remember, this weekend celebrates Labor Day and, at the golf course, Patriot Day Weekend. Golf courses across the nation will ask golfers to donate money for injured military personnel. Be sure to check if any specials rates are given by our local golf courses to those donating to the cause. All donations are appreciated, even as small as a dollar.

What is Aeration of greens?

Gold courses will aerify their greens several times a year. The punching of small holes in the greens with the usual top dressing of sand relieves compaction of the soil.

This allows air and water to improve the root growth. The loosening of the soil keeps the root system alive to improve surface firmness and prevent water drainage problems.

This practice improves the turf’s quality, appearance and playability on the course.


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