Has the Mi Pueblo grocery chain made the right decision opting to check the immigration status of new employees?


• Yes, it’s the lawful and ethical practice to follow. The founder of Mi Pueblo came to the U.S. as an undocumented resident by his own admission, as did many others, including affluent Gilroy residents. They were given opportunities and were intelligent enough to benefit from those opportunities. Although some view his choosing e-Verify as hypocritical, he must follow proper employment processes in order to protect his business. • Yes. It is the appropriate thing to do in the hiring process. I do when I hire and I hope you and others do, too! • Yes. Mi Pueblo and all companies within the U.S. should use eVerify to ensure that workers are citizens or have the proper work permit and are in our country legally. This is a country of rules and we need to follow the rules or risk losing our country. • Yes. I believe it is the law to ensure employees have the legal right to work in this country. • Yes, this is an American business and should follow all the rules of this country. • Unquestionably, yes. It’s the right thing to do in every way. • Yes. This should be a normal business practice when hiring employees, but because of the nature of this business, as well as any other service industries, this is a sticky topic for management for many reasons.  For Mi Pueblo to have the integrity to say this will be their policy is definitely in their favor. • Yes they absolutely have made the right decision! The fact that the union Is contemplating protesting is ridiculous. MI Pueblo will not only be following the law they will be creating an environment that makes employment for legal immigrants and citizens more fair. If Mi Pueblo follows through with the checks, I will shop there more because of it. • Yes, not sure where a “decision” comes in, it’s the law! • Yes. In these economic times, it is fiscally responsible for Mi Pueblo to protect themselves against costly fines associated with employing undocumented workers. • Absolutely YES! This is the law, all the rest of us have to follow it, check our employees or be checked as an employee – this is a legitimate business and does need to follow the law, the rules and the regulations of the land.


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