Home needs help with fence

Red Phone: Low branches need to be cut

“I was calling with an eyesore of the week. When you go around 10th Street around the corner by the high school and Christmas Hill Park the back wall has either fallen down or been taken down. It has been several months where these poor people have their backyard exposed. I was just wondering is it the homeowner’s responsibility or the city’s responsibility. Maybe the wall fell down or was damaged and the poor people can’t afford to put it back up. Just wondering if there is something that could be done to help them.”

Red Phone: Dear Not Fenced In, Your desire to help is commendable. Unfortunately if the property is privately owned there is little the city can do to fix it. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to fix the wall, said Melissa Durkin, the city’s planning director. She said she wasn’t aware of any city programs to help cover the cost of projects like this.

It is unknown why the wall is no longer at this property. As you mentioned, good caller, there could be a number of reasons that it is not there.

But if there are any community groups who would be interested in volunteering their time or services for the betterment of the community to help restore the wall to its former glory, we’d be happy to let readers know.


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