Is Whole Foods finally making an appearance in Gilroy?

Red Phone

Back in 2011, you addressed a rumor that Whole Foods was going to open in Gilroy. You provided the correct answer that Whole Foods was not coming to Gilroy. Well, that same rumor has resurfaced with information that Whole Foods will be moving into the old Orchard Supply building. Any truth this time around?
Red Phone:
Red Phone wishes it had better news to report to Whole Foods fans like you, good caller. It contacted Susan Martin, planning division manager for the City of Gilroy, who is responsible for approving planning and building permits.
“No recent inquiries or permits were submitted to the City by Whole Foods,” she said.
But just to be safe, Red Phone also reached out to the Whole Foods Market to see if there were any plans for a Gilroy store.
“Currently, there is no plan for a Gilroy location,” said Beth Krauss, public relations for the popular market.
Krauss added that there are certain criteria for adding a store to any community, and referred Red Phone to a company website. According to the website, requirements include 200,000 or more people within a 20-minute drive, 25,000 to 50,000 square feet available for the store (a stand alone building is preferred), a large number of college-educated residents, abundant parking and easy traffic access.
Perhaps Whole Foods will someday come to Gilroy because it is quickly becoming a bedroom community of Silicon Valley.


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