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Congrats to the new Gilroy City Council elects and thank you to all the candidates for making the decision to run; having choices on our ballot means democracy is still alive. I know that this new Council will stay committed to solving the top issues of Gilroy, including homelessness, housing for all, and spaces/programs for our youth. You are counting on us and we all have campaigned for it. 

I’ve spoken with the candidates that weren’t in the top three for Gilroy City Council (Ronald Robinson, Jan Bernstein Chargin and Joseph Robinson) and all are motivated to transfer their campaign committees to a future election. Yes, the Gilroy City Council remains leaning right but we have lots of common ground that’s important to the voters. 

I am very excited to have endorsed many who got elected in our region that will represent Gilroy. These relationships will be key in driving Gilroy forward. Robert Rivas is set to become speaker of the California State Assembly in June 2023! Congrats to Zoe Lofgren—Congress District CA-18, Robert Rivas—State Assembly AD29, Sylvia Arenas—Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors D1, Dr. Gabriel Gutiérrez—Gavilan College Trustee Area 3, and Raeena Lari—Santa Clara County Board of Education TA7. 

The easiest way to make change real in your community is to vote in every free and fair election. In 2020 I was able to secure first place with 12,814 votes and that took 86% of you casting votes. In 2022 the first place candidate currently has 7,753 and 54% of you casting votes. In some places in Gilroy, it was 20% casting votes. Representation for you only happens when you vote. Everyone gets a ballot mailed to them; you don’t need to place a vote in every section of your ballot in order for it to count, and there are so many easy ways to return it. 

Don’t give up on democracy, run for elected office in 2024, and cast your vote on Nov. 5, 2024; where there will be three GUSD Board Trustees, Mayor, and three Council Member seats open for you.

Zach Hilton

Gilroy City Councilmember

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