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May 31, 2023

Letter: Disinformation undermines the democratic process

I was greatly alarmed by a letter to the editor published in the Oct. 21 issue. Based on no evidence, Mr. Kirkish undermines the integrity of elections—a serious and pervasive problem currently threatening democracy throughout our country. If Mr. Kirkish has grievances regarding Councilwoman Armendariz, as I am sure he does, then make the case. 

Why undermine an entire election process in which Ms. Armendariz is not a candidate, nor is the recall question on the ballot? Strategies that you suggest are “mercenary and Hessian” are used by many campaigns.

The Dispatch factually reported that the County Registrar of Voters has provided Gilroy with four legal drop boxes at Gavilan College, Gilroy Library, City Hall, and Rod Kelley Elementary School. Therefore, returning ballots to these locations is returning them to the Registrar of Voters.

Door-to-door canvassing and phone-banking are time-honored traditional methods of voter outreach that encourages voting and strengthens local relationships. Spreading disinformation is a method of discouraging voting and creating distrust in our communities. To quote Mr. Kirkish: “This kind of politics has no place in a small community like Gilroy.” 

At least on this much Mr. Kirkish and I can agree.

Charleene Puder


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