Letter: PG&E acting on natural gas price surge


PG&E is hearing from customers that energy bills are higher than normal. We understand increases are challenging. We’re taking action and helping customers. 

Natural gas prices have risen significantly, about 90% higher than last winter in PG&E’s service area and nationwide. PG&E passes through the cost of energy purchases directly to customers and does not mark-up that cost. What we pay for our customers’ energy supply, both natural gas and electricity, we pass through directly to our customers. PG&E reduces gas price volatility impacts by buying and storing gas when prices are lower for use when prices are higher. 

More than 70% of winter energy costs are from heating systems, water heaters, and washers and dryers. 

• Set the thermostat at 68 degrees or lower, health permitting. Save 2% for each degree lowered. 

• Clean or replace air filters monthly.

• Set the water heater to 120 degrees or lower; install low-flow fixtures; wash clothes in cold water. 

As the weather and temperatures warm up, usually during March and April, energy usage and bills should decrease. 

For more tips, visit pge.com/winter

Teresa Alvarado

Regional Vice President, PG&E Central Coast Region Hollister

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