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Recently, students at Charter School of Morgan Hill (a public school for students primarily living in the southern Bay Area) completed a three-month plant sale project. They started a business from the ground up, learning many aspects of entrepreneurship: marketing, operations, finance, human resources and sales. They also started the majority of their product from seed. 

This project culminated in a two-day plant sale entirely run by fifth-graders. They sold over 5,000 plants, hanging flower baskets, color bowls and other garden projects. The project made a profit of approximately $12,000, which goes back to the school’s Agricultural Education program. 

They of course had support of their teachers, parents and community members. One of the reasons they made so much money was through a partnership with Melissa Wark from Headstart Nursery and Greg Bozzo from GB Landscape Services, Inc. Together these agricultural companies enabled the students to obtain some of the resources they needed to grow their flower products. 

At Charter School, students K-8 take Agricultural Science classes to learn about plants, animals and the natural environment. They learn how we are all connected, where their food comes from and the importance of healthy, safe food. The agriculture industries in this valley are vital to our students and our community, not just for economics but to nurture the next generation.

Kathy Funke

Charter School of Morgan Hill

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