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In August, Santa Cruz County was in flames. At our small horse ranch just north over the Summit in Los Gatos, the smoke and the wind carrying it was coming our way. Our thoughts focused on where we could evacuate seven horses.

We were welcomed by South Bay Horse Ranch in Gilroy. Later we discovered that the Gilroy Police Mounted Division provided our horses’ feed for the 10 days they were sheltered there.

We were overwhelmed! No one asked for a thing or a dollar in return! No questions asked. No names were given to us. Our animals were taken care of generously. They were safe, fed, soothed, kept clean and sheltered.

We are so appreciative! A big Thank You comes from Jenny Whitman for harboring her three rescued Thoroughbreds and her Mustang and from me for my two ponies and a neighbor teenager’s Arabian.

It is more than heartening what two organizations did for total strangers. It is something with which we would like to associate individuals.

So we went online. There were the officers pictured on their horses—parading, rescuing people and animals in need. There they were at the South Bay Ranch—unloading hay near beautifully kept arenas and polo grounds.

So now we know a little more about you. But it’s your empathy for us when we were in such need and anxiety that defines you.

Thank you so much for helping us so generously…and anonymously.

Suzanne Cristallo,

Rancho Cristallo

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