On Jan. 20 around 9am, I was walking dogs at Miller and Fourth. I noticed a set of keys lying in the street. I picked them up and saw that they included a Lexus key and home or office keys. 

I called the police emergency number and was told that an officer would come by to pick them up. I waited a few minutes for Officer Quinones to arrive. He took the keys and told me that he would cruise the area and see if he could locate a Lexus that would respond to the unlock button! I was astonished that he would take the time to try to find the owner this way. I proceeded to continue walking the dogs and saw the officer several times driving around. He stopped to let me know that he hadn’t found a car, yet, but would return the keys to the station in case someone called looking for them.

In this time of constant criticism of the police, it was very rewarding to meet Officer Quinones and have the opportunity to observe his dedication to the public. He should be recognized for outstanding community service.

David Matuszak,


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