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For Amtrak’s 50th birthday, instead of lighting 50 candles, we ought to give recognition to the taxpayers and have one candle for each dollar in taxpayers’ subsidies that have been paid to it.

Of course, then if we start that annual tribute, to be fair, we’d have to do it for the Bullet Train, too.

To be honest, a candle would have to be lit for each dollar of tax, fee, carbon tradeoff, or any other name the politicians can invent for taxpayers’ subsidies.

Then, to be fair, we’d also have to do it for each transit agency, too, e.g., VTA, COG, TAMC, SCCRTC, etc.

We could call it the “Boondoggles Bonfire.”

So, what will be the annual number of candles that we must burn to represent all of the taxpayers’ dollars we burn with public sector transit?

If only we had accountable, transparent, responsible elected officials running the transit boondoggles.

Please join me in demanding truth-in-transportation. We must end unsound, unsustainable transport.

Caveat viator. 

Joseph P. Thompson

Member, Transportation Lawyers Assn.

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