In the wake of the Covid-19 era, Vineyard Christian Preschool’s quite amazing resurgence stands as a testament to the spirit that defines its character. Weathering the storm, this program has proven that even in the face of adversity, its commitment to a nature-filled setting, love and a feeling of home remains unwavering, much like the magic of pixie dust. 

The challenges brought on by the pandemic were great, resulting in the departure of two directors who faced many Covid-related obstacles. However, instead of folding, Vineyard Christian Preschool soared. This is a reflection of the true strength of the program, nurtured by a play-based approach that understands the very being of childhood and the importance of fostering the growth of the whole child. 

Amidst the chaos of this journey, the preschool’s setting emerged as a sanctuary of learning. The weekly visits by deer highlighted the harmonious blend of nature and education. The renovated classrooms and expansion showcased the commitment to providing an enriched environment that nurtures young minds. A crucial component of the preschool’s success is the profound love and support of its families. Their generosity and kindness have been instrumental in propelling the program to new heights. 

Equally impressive is the resilience exhibited by the children, bouncing back from the upheavals of the pandemic with a spirit that refuses to be subdued. At the heart of this thriving community are the dedicated educators who weave the threads of knowledge and care into the tapestry of learning. From the amusing antics of Mr. Pickle Pants, the tree frog classroom pet, to the enduring presence of Miss Jaime, who has been a guiding light for a decade, the teachers infuse joy, humor and expertise into every day. 

Miss Ashlyn’s kindness and Miss Karla’s exceptional teaching in the TK class exemplify the commitment to nurturing young learners. The amazing stories continue with Miss Cristal, Miss Lauren and Miss Nicole, parents turned educators, embodying the belief in the power of Vineyard Christian Preschool. Returning heroes, Miss Kerry and Miss Kristin, rekindled the flame of learning love for young hearts and minds after a leave of absence, reminding us all of the important impact of a dedicated educator. Long hours, rough days, but teaching of the heart is found here. 

In the background, the foundation of support stands strong. Miss Patty, the financial handler, along with her husband Bob Filice, one of the celebrated chefs from Gourmet Alley at the Garlic Festival, breathe new life into the school’s financial health and community ties with their revamped Spaghetti Feed, which will be its fourth year. 

Vineyard Christian Preschool’s doors are open to all who seek a warm, nurturing and enriching environment. Students and families are embraced as part of a bigger family, fostering an atmosphere where everyone’s journey is celebrated. Special thanks must be extended to The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of Gilroy, whose dedication, along with the vision of Pastor Koch and Miss Zita, has played a vital role in shaping the preschool’s journey. Their belief in the power of happiness, kindness and collective effort has paved the way for a future teeming with greatness. 

In a world that often tests our character and resolve, Vineyard Christian Preschool stands as a beacon of hope, reminding us that with love, resilience and a commitment to early learning, we can create a future filled with promise and potential.

Jenny Mosher is director of Vineyard Christian Preschool.

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