Steven Kinsella – Gavilan President (Jan. 1)
Steven Kinsella – Gavilan President (Jan. 1)

Favorite Book: “The Fifth Discipline” by Peter Senge

Book synopsis: “The Fifth Discipline” lays out the principles of long-term organizational improvement. It argues that organizations are products of the ways that people in them think and interact, and to change organizations for the better, you must give people the opportunity to change the ways they think and interact.

Why is it your favorite book?: “The book discussed paradigm shifts and also systems theory, which essentially considers all aspects of an organization. The book also comments heavily on learning organizations.”

How did it change your life?: “Systems theory is an organizational approach that brings in a comprehensive review of an entire organization. It changed my outview.”

Why did you read the book?: “I read it for the first time eight years ago for enjoyment and then I read parts of it as I was going through my doctorate in business administration program.”

In concert with the Gilroy Unified School District’s “Love of Literacy Week,” The Dispatch will ask high-profile folks around town to discuss their favorite books. Interviews will run through the end of “Literacy Week,” Nov. 18 to 22. For more information on the first-of-its-kind program here, call the district at

847-2700. On Nov. 18, the GUSD Web site ( will have a special home page listing literacy activities being done around the district.

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