Motorhome ignites at storage facility

Gilroy firefighters battle a blaze that ignited in a motorhome parked at Leavesley Mini Storage Tuesday afternoon. Photo: Nathan Mixter

No one was hurt Tuesday afternoon after a motorhome burst into flames at Leavesley Mini Storage at the corner of Leavesley Road and Forest Street.

The owner of the motorhome said a crew was working on the fuel pump of the 1980s-era vehicle when the fire sparked and quickly spread through the foam insulation, causing a plume of black smoke to rise above the city. 

The fire, which ignited around 2:30 p.m., spread to another motorhome parked adjacently.

Gilroy Police shut down Forest Street Tuesday afternoon as Gilroy firefighters doused a fire that erupted in a motorhome parked at Leavesley Mini Storage. Photo: Erik Chalhoub
Gilroy firefighters quickly knocked out the flames. Photo: Nathan Mixter