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May 30, 2023

City drafts response to Grand Jury’s findings about puffed-up public employee benefits

Mayor Al Pinheiro has written a response to the June 13 Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury report that highlighted seven recommendations to reduce Gilroy’s public employee benefits, noting that the City “shares the Grand Jury’s concerns.”

Red Barn supporters seek access for cleanup days

GILROY—Citizens seeking to save and rehabilitate an old barn in Christmas Hill Park requested approval this week from city officials to hold two volunteer-led cleanup days in November.

Measure A asks voters to increase county sales tax

An eighth-cent sales tax increase would make Santa Clara County a more expensive place to shop if voters OK a proposed tax hike on the Nov. 6 ballot. But it’s also the only way the county would get funds directly from local sales tax revenue, which currently goes straight to state coffers.

Candidates gear up for November election

As the four-week window to file for a spot in Gilroy’s political scene opened Monday, three Gilroy mayoral candidates and four City Council candidates are stretching at the starting line, as they brace themselves for their big campaign kick-offs in August.

City revenue stalls

The city has collected $13.8 million less from developers than

Closed-meeting Pandora’s Box

State advocate of open government claims the city's use of the

Water district refutes charges of double-dipping

The ongoing trial to determine how much the Santa Clara Valley

Ford Store in Morgan Hill gets tax break help from the city

Thanks to the generosity of Morgan Hill officials, the Ford