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May 21, 2024

Howard A. Lindeleaf

Howard A. Lindeleaf passed away in Fresno on Oct. 7, 2002.

Charles Veso Drake Jr.

Charles Veso Drake Jr. passed away in Madera on Oct. 5, 2002. He

Chekhov isn’t really as scary as it sounds

Last weekend I overcame my fear of anything Russian:

Vintage planes fly in for Cinco de Mayo

Several vintage planes, modern-day aircraft and hot air balloons

Explanation of Orthadoxy

Someone recently asked me a question about why a church in San

Flight Attendant puts politeness on standby

Fourteen flights in 13 days. It sounds like the title of a

Rid yourself of this garden menace

Yes, it's snail season again. It's also every home gardener for

RDA Task Force assembled by city

Group of 11 citizens face a few months of intense work

Reason for rhyming

Erato, the muse of poetry, is alive in South County