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December 3, 2023

Fast-track Tribal Folly

Our former Santa Clara County supervisor turned Congressman is

Welcome Our Beautiful Sports Park

Our long-awaited sports park that just opened in south Gilroy is

Fireworks vs. Civil Rights

It's become very clear that administrative citations are a bad

The difference between Silver Creek and Eagle Ridge

Claiming that a City of San Jose-Silver Creek agreement is an

GUSD finances, a messy trend

Having the Santa Clara County Office of education step in and forcibly  take over the finances of the Gilroy Unified School District is more than a community embarrassment, it points out a critical issue in Superintendent Debbie Flores’ administration.

Gilroy’s worrisome API scores

The following organizations and individuals deserve either

Where’s the Outrage?

Outrage and homework would go a long way to reassuring Gilroy

Santa Clara County fair farewell … South County should be home

It looks like the Santa Clara County Fair is going the way of

Reflecting on a Tragedy

It's worth examining what's being done to keep our community

$20 million school facilities gap

The following organizations and individuals deserve either