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March 4, 2024

Council puts the sword into the HCP dragon

The City Council delivered a pleasant surprise Thursday night,

Neither a friend nor regional leader

Although Ron Gonzales' second and final term as mayor of San Jose is coming to an end in the next few months, we're not so naive as to believe he will fade quietly into retirement from political life.

School Flight Hurts Community

Our View: The message from many parents is simple: It's the

Our View: Who’s minding the creeks?

It was a call from Pat Vickroy of Gilroy that brought attention to the problem of trash in and along Gilroy’s waterways and just who’s responsible for gathering and hauling it away.

Build the rec center at Sunset Park

The following organizations and individuals deserve either

Our Principals Deserve Better

A bad habit converged with hardball politics and understandable

School district failing our best and brightest students

Gilroy's great debate over the merits of the Gifted and Talented

Top Hatters Miss the Boat

Wearing logo apparel to the Garlic Festival is hardly worth all

Just say ‘no’ to a pair of propositions

It's important to remember