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June 16, 2024

Editorial: We’re number one—unfortunately

This week, the rate of Covid-19 cases in Gilroy shot up to a new level, reaching 6,422 cases per 100,000 people. That’s the highest rate of any city in Santa Clara County, a statistic of which Gilroy should not be proud. By comparison, Morgan...

Editorial: Our Annual Holiday Poem 2020

’Twas a dark December night in Olde Gilroy, Boys and girls locked at home and quite annoyed. For Gavin once again laid the hammer down, ‘Masks violate my rights,” they frowned. Scotty’s and Porcella’s joined the Collective Past, Clocks and Collectibles stopped ticking just as fast. Covid-19 infected more than...

Editorial: Council needs to listen to voters when filling vacancy

Marie Blankley will be Gilroy’s next mayor, which means the Gilroy City Council will have to make a decision in December. Blankley’s council seat will become vacant once Mayor Roland Velasco passes the gavel. The council can decide to fill it by either a special...

Editorial: Make vaccination a priority in Gilroy

Nobody likes a line-jumper, the snide person who forces their way through the crowd with constant utterances of “excuse me” while claiming their friend saved a spot for them at the very front. Get caught, and it’s grounds for ejection wherever they may be. But...

Re-elect Sheriff Laurie Smith to sixth term

In two decades as the county’s sheriff, Laurie Smith’s legacy includes both accomplishments and mistakes, and as she runs for a sixth four-year term, her challengers have sought to direct attention to the latter. Smith’s department’s investigation led to the successful prosecution of  Sierra LaMar’s...

Editorial: Rebeca should resign

City Councilmember Rebeca Armendariz should stand down from public office and save Gilroy citizens the expense and trauma of a recall election. An independent investigation concluded that Armendariz knew about and assisted preparations for an illegal party at which teen drinking occurred and at which...

Unshackle Measure A

In 2016, county voters overwhelmingly agreed to tax themselves and spend $950 million to address the housing crisis and shelter more than 5,000 homeless persons. A year later, developers showed up for a November 2017 Board of Supervisors meeting to receive project approvals but...

Jim Berkland: Quake Prophet

Our View: Geologist Jim Berkland's earthquake predictions should

Hindsight 2019

Oct. 25 Time to say thank you Quietly, organically and without delay, our community—and people who had never even visited our community—demonstrated by their selflessness and their gift-giving that humanity and compassion have the capacity to build bridges, join hands, make alliances, find common ground and...

Editorial: Time for oversight

Smith believes the county’s actual infected population as of Tuesday is closer to 10,000, rather than the official count of 459 announced earlier this week.