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July 20, 2024

Gilroyans? What should we call people who live in Gilroy?

Gilroyans? What should we call people who live in Gilroy? Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t complain about our use of the word Gilroyans to describe the people who live in Gilroy. Yeah, it’s not a word that most people would use in conversation,...

Becerra gambles with lives

It is now too late to try and convince California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to back off, and allow Saint Louise and O’Connor hospitals to be saved by Santa Clara County. He has doubled down, and all of his cards are on the table. This...

Editorial: These booms aren’t worth celebrating

For years, Gilroyans have been bombarded with the near-nightly sounds of explosive devices being ignited. Naturally, many go to social media to complain and share horror stories with other like-minded residents, lamenting on why the police and fire departments are allegedly sitting on their hands,...

Editorial: What ails our society?

The May 26 mass shooting at the Valley Transportation Authority’s light rail facility in San Jose has destroyed many families and rocked the county, state and nation. It hits even harder in South County, where we are still reeling from the two senseless mass casualty...

Our 2021 Holiday Poem

'Twas the night before Christmas in Olde Gilroy Santa pulled his mask tight and loaded another toy. Even the reindeer had gotten booster shots, Ignoring the theories of anti-science crackpots. The VTA had added a bus from San Jose, Santa nonetheless opted for his electric sleigh, Pre-pandemic style traffic jams...

Rally Round Downtown Gilroy – please join in

1. Refreshing simple concept with far-reaching possibilities

Support our hospitals, Mr. Becerra

Santa Clara County Executive Jeff Smith has a difficult time understanding just what has occurred in the past two weeks. His vision of leading a dramatic expansion and improvement of a public healthcare system is suddenly on the verge of hitting a brick wall...

Escalation Pay Game

Salary increases for top-level employees should be based on

Editorial: DA should drop conspiracy charges

District Attorney Jeff Rosen’s conspiracy case against political supporters of Sheriff Laurie Smith has not gone smoothly. An appeals court in May removed the DA’s office from prosecuting one case, and then the state Supreme Court declined to hear the DA’s appeal. In August, Attorney...

A whiff of change

Slow growth, the movement that rocked Gilroy’s City Council two years ago with new Mayor Roland Velasco riding the crest of the Measure H vote, is alive and well. While three of four incumbents in the Nov. 6 election won re-election by solid margins, one...