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July 20, 2024

Mental illness doesn’t explain gun violence

The notion that mental illness drives the current spate of mass shootings is a dangerous oversimplification. Some shooters, such as the Aurora. Col., movie theater gunman James Holmes, yes, have had diagnosed mental illness, while others have not. To unfairly stereotype people with conditions...

Voters still turn away

Nearly 29,000 San Benito County adults were registered to vote in the June 5 primary. In neighboring Santa Clara County, the number of registered voters was a record, approaching 850,000. The “turnout”—the percentage of registered voters that actually cast ballots—was considered above average for...

Analysis: Sheriffs, Guns & Money

As a young journalist, I was invited to a meeting with Sheriff Bob Winter at an insurance office. At one point, one of the attendees asked the folksy Gilroyan if there was anything he could do to help. I remember Winter saying he needed...

Great Wolf Lodge sounds like a great addition

From the earliest reports, the proposal to build an indoor water park in Gilroy sounds as exciting as going down one of the slides.

Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting victims: We owe them a memorial

The large teddy bear has a layer of dust, and the candles are burned out. The cut flowers are wilted. Some of the handwritten notes are smudged by the morning dew, others are faded by the late-summer sun or were distributed along the Uvas...

Time to say ‘Thank you’ for donations to fund

After three months of trauma, grief, vigils, fundraisers, healing, memorials and, for many, continuing pain, let’s take some time for some gratitude. As the #Gilroy Strong banner left Monterey Street and the flowers on the Uvas Creek bike trail faded and withered, hundreds of businesses...

Community came together at South County Airport

The April 7 mobilization exercise of the South County Airport Pilot Association’s Disaster Airlift Response Team overcame heavy rain showers to expand the envelope in disaster preparedness for local emergency response agencies collaborating to alleviate potential transportation gridlocks. Organization s directly participating in concert with...

Editorial: The March Toward Darkness

In a shocking sneak attack on the public’s right to know, the City of Gilroy began the march towards conducting its business in the shadows rather than in sunshine, out of view of the community members and the press. Without outreach to the public or...

Slower high-speed rail?

It sounds crazy, but a presidential rant on Twitter may have forced Gov. Gavin Newsom to “clarify”—actually, backtrack—his position on California’s high-speed rail. “The project, as currently planned, would cost too much and take too long,” the governor said of the state’s high-speed rail plan...

Save the pool at South Valley Middle School

1. Filling in the pool would be a colossal waste of an asset