‘Twas the night before Christmas in Olde Gilroy

Santa pulled his mask tight and loaded another toy.

Even the reindeer had gotten booster shots,

Ignoring the theories of anti-science crackpots.

The VTA had added a bus from San Jose,

Santa nonetheless opted for his electric sleigh,

Pre-pandemic style traffic jams were back, oh yes

Highway 101 continues to remain quite a mess.

He first stopped at LJB Farms in San Martin,

For some garlic braids and Polar Bear ice cream.

Then some unfiltered olive oil from Jeff Martin,

Whose name rhymes differently, but same spellin.’

Some Pepper Plant sauce would keep things hot,

Until Santa made it to Dan Nelson’s Tempo for a shot.

Then on to The Milias for some Pappy van Winkle

Mafalda’s no longer there to iron out a wrinkle.

Nimble Thimble sold colorful quilt fabrics,

To Linda, well wishes, both ours and St. Nick’s.

The Gilroy Dispatch now inhabits her spot,

On the Paseo off Monterey, character it’s got.

At the city, Harjot Sangha now counts the beans,

While Daryl Jordan provides Public Works means.

They’re careful to stay on their budget every day

Because, of course, Mayor Blankley’s a CPA!

Sig Sanchez left us in January, 100 good years

Donald “the King” Prieto too, in heavenly spheres.

Gary Walton pursued his Gourmet Alley vision,

Awaiting an electric line undergrounding decision.

Santa’s been feeling the Amazon pressure.

With 400 vans arriving at a new delivery center.

Young and old need a gathering space, Gilroyans say,

So we don’t have to go to Morgan Hill, too far away.

The reinvented Garlic Festival made its debut

Like many local restaurants, it’s now a drive-thru.

Seniors decried the loss of their gift shop,

The plan to change the center’s name was a flop.

Barb Granter left the famous grove of trees,

To become Great America’s big cheese.

Gilroy Gardens is in good hands, though, don’t fret,

Its expansion plans, however, are far from set. 

Dear readers, we hope you’ve stayed healthy,

Away from Delta, Omicron and all that is stealthy.

Be safe and careful, the new year arrives soon.

With some luck, the herd will soon be immune.

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