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April 19, 2024

When politically correct is foolish

When a second-grade teacher in Massachusetts instructed her

Flood control for South Valley – now!

South Valley residents have been waiting since the 1950s. It's

A drain from Gilroy schools

Ouch! If estimates are correct, the private school pull of 900

Share a timeless Christmas story

Yes, Virginia, there was an editorial about the credibility of

Help out with middle school transition

As the current school year approaches its halfway mark, we can

Support our library application

Although Morgan Hill and Gilroy didn't earn a share of $138

A word to SV education leaders

Here's a word of advice to South Valley's education leaders as

Sex club: pack up and leave

Enough. Deena Luce, who told The Dispatch she was leaving town

Watch out – transit cuts ahead

Drastic. Radical. Deep. These are some of the adjectives being

High school exit exam the true test

According to data on the Gilroy Unified School District Web site