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December 6, 2022

Guest View: Things about mental health everyone should know

There’s a lot going on. In the last two years, we’ve endured political upheaval, the fallout of systemic racism, the growing impact of climate change, and genuine loss and collective trauma brought on by the pandemic, which drastically altered our social lives and school...

Letter: Khamis has a clear plan

All leaders who want to be successful must have a plan and a strategy to implement that plan. Johnny Khamis spoke at the Community Roundtable candidates forum I attended and it is clear he has a plan, a strategy and the experience to make...

Guest View: Highlighting unsung heroes

Ernesto Olivares
Growing up in Gilroy and coming from a campesino family, viewing such an impactful and humane story this past August, via a short documentary film, “Campesinos, America’s Unsung Heroes,” was an emotional and very moving experience. The audience reaction, many so personal, will forever...

Letter: Downtown leader works to better the community

I attended last Friday’s forum for Gilroy City Council candidates and found many aspects to praise—the amazing Toni Bowles who has transformed the old Louis Hotel into The Neon Exchange, a community center; the very effective organization of the program and its excellent moderators;...

Guest View: Eligible voters need protections

With our nation’s democracy facing existential threats, California’s duty to protect and empower every eligible voter in the state has never been more urgent. Although we often lead the nation with innovative laws designed to defend voting rights, thousands of eligible voters continue to...

Guest View: Pressure builds for workers’ compensation overhaul

Fair warning: This column will be about workers’ compensation, a topic that’s very complicated and totally lacking in sex appeal, but one that involves many billions of dollars and potentially affects millions of workers. Work comp, as it’s dubbed, has been in effect for more...

Guest View, Fred Tovar: Stronger together

Fred Tovar gilroy city council
Dear members of the Gilroy community, I wanted to share with you a copy of the letter that was sent to the Santa Clara County Democratic Party in response to a resolution they presented recommending removal of their endorsement. Dear Mr. Bill James and Santa...

Letter: Be mindful of party politics

After reading the article in your paper last week, concerning the Democratic Central Committee admonishing Councilmember Fred Tovar for not following the dogma set up by them, I am concerned that party politics is possibly entering into the performances of our councilmembers.   I wish to...

Letter: Mining project would destroy native culture

Hello, my name is Lucia Nowak and I live in Santa Barbara, Calif. I’m currently a junior in high school and a proud sister of my brother who has Down’s syndrome. Because of my relationship with my brother and all that he has gone...

Letter: Herman Garcia deserves recognition

Herman Garcia deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor for his environmental activism. He can be nominated by visiting, going to “Citizen Honors Awards/Apply,” and “Nominate/CMOHS.” Let’s all submit his name.  DJ Smith Gilroy