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December 5, 2023

Editorial: Council needs to listen to voters when filling vacancy

Marie Blankley will be Gilroy’s next mayor, which means the Gilroy City Council will have to make a decision in December. Blankley’s council seat will become vacant once Mayor Roland Velasco passes the gavel. The council can decide to fill it by either a special...

Re-elect Sheriff Laurie Smith to sixth term

In two decades as the county’s sheriff, Laurie Smith’s legacy includes both accomplishments and mistakes, and as she runs for a sixth four-year term, her challengers have sought to direct attention to the latter. Smith’s department’s investigation led to the successful prosecution of  Sierra LaMar’s...

Letter: America is in trouble

We have a big election this year. President Trump seems to think this is Joe Biden’s America, well it’s not, it’s Donald Trump’s America, where mayhem and chaos is now an everyday thing! Trump is a failure in every way! The virus, the economy. What...

Guest view: Time to remove police from schools

There comes a time when each of us comes to terms with aspects of life that can change our views and challenge long held beliefs. For me it is the present issue of police in schools (school resource officers).

Editorial: Make vaccination a priority in Gilroy

Nobody likes a line-jumper, the snide person who forces their way through the crowd with constant utterances of “excuse me” while claiming their friend saved a spot for them at the very front. Get caught, and it’s grounds for ejection wherever they may be. But...

Letter: No need to search outside for administrator

I disagree with Mayor Roland Velasco's claim that Gilroy should have conducted a nationwide search for a new city administrator instead of appointing Jimmy Forbis, who has been the Gilroy Finance Director since 2016 and is the current interim administrator.  Full disclosure, I live in...

Letter, June 11: Why do we label people?

“Life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it.” Keeping this in mind, why do we insist on labeling people? We are raising our children to place people into categories based on skin color, gender, political preference...

Letter: Gilroy Memorial Day Parade canceled

Last year at this time our nation was just coming to grips with a pandemic that would forever change our lives. Since then the global pandemic has kept its grip on our nation and the world.  Fortunately its grip is loosening! A holiday like Memorial...

3 letters: There go your private property rights … Agenda 21; Who needs Romney’s recovery?; Send bullet train back to the ballot

‘This means that you, Fido, and your prize petunia now have equal rights …’