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We are long-time customers of more than 20 years who loved Scotty’s Restaurant. We feel that there should be way more tribute to owner Gracie and her beloved husband who has passed.

My husband and I are approaching our 60s now. Unfortunately, there are not many family, home cooked, comfort food places like this left. We could go there, with our son and his friends and everyone would order something so different and all were happy.  

My husband is part-Japanese, I am half-Italian, we love Mexican food and Hawaiian. We got it all here. We were always on a budget, the middle-class workers. Gracie and her husband respected that. The prices were so reasonable and the food was really good. We could watch sports, order a cocktail. The waitresses were always friendly and with a sense of humor. We loved their prime rib dinners with tempura, soup or salad, bread and butter with dessert around $20. I always had enough food to last for two full meals. Their oyako donburi was an excellent Japanese rice dish. Sukiyaki was excellent. Great sandwiches, breakfasts, brunch, Hawaiian Moco Loco all in one place.

We have had at least six birthday parties here, for my son and his friends. They would bowl and then we would go to the restaurant. It would cost us no more than $10-$20 per kid. It fit our budget and it was fun and many, many memories.

Every year for my birthday and my husband’s we would order to go or eat in, always prime rib. They would give us free dessert for birthdays. They allowed us to bring in cakes or cupcakes. 

I am sure there are lots of stories from lots of people, like mine. What we are asking is that you respect the owners and hard workers and produce a much better article than I have read regarding their closure. Out of respect for a business that has supported the Gilroy community and surrounding areas for 53 years! This is amazing. No chain restaurant will ever compare to what Gracie, her husband and employees have accomplished. 

They did not make this decision because they were retiring and it was time to let go. Covid-19 made the decision for them. 

There is history here. Talk about how Gracie and her husband met, talk about the different nationalities and the food. Talk about the workers. Pay tribute and respect in a well-written front-page news article. One with caring, loving, giving words that is comforting all the things that this family has given us and many people for more than 53 years.

Bill, Gina and Hayden Fisher

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