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December 6, 2023

LETTER: Ban leaf blowers during school hours

I would like to advocate for banning leaf blowers during school hours while the shelter-in-place requirement is in effect.  Many Gilroy homes have schoolchildren and college students relying on distance learning, and the noise of leaf blowers operating outdoors within a few hundred feet makes...

Jim Berkland: Quake Prophet

Our View: Geologist Jim Berkland's earthquake predictions should

Unshackle Measure A

In 2016, county voters overwhelmingly agreed to tax themselves and spend $950 million to address the housing crisis and shelter more than 5,000 homeless persons. A year later, developers showed up for a November 2017 Board of Supervisors meeting to receive project approvals but...

Hindsight 2019

Oct. 25 Time to say thank you Quietly, organically and without delay, our community—and people who had never even visited our community—demonstrated by their selflessness and their gift-giving that humanity and compassion have the capacity to build bridges, join hands, make alliances, find common ground and...

Becerra gambles with lives

It is now too late to try and convince California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to back off, and allow Saint Louise and O’Connor hospitals to be saved by Santa Clara County. He has doubled down, and all of his cards are on the table. This...

Guest View, Marie Blankley: How money doesn’t go where voters thought it would

By Marie Blankley Measure B was passed in 2016 on the promise that it would provide an estimated $1.2 billion for the improvement of local streets and roads in all of the 15 cities of Santa Clara County. Elected officials from all cities in our...

Editorial: Time for oversight

Smith believes the county’s actual infected population as of Tuesday is closer to 10,000, rather than the official count of 459 announced earlier this week.

Guest View, Cat Tucker: Our community is better with Caltrain

By Cat Tucker Seven months into the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us are feeling the profound personal effects. While the pandemic will eventually come to an end, allowing us to go back to doing what we love, its long-reaching economic impacts could make it difficult...

Mayor Marie Blankley: State of the City 2021

Thank you for joining me for Gilroy’s 2021 State of the City address, and as we celebrate Gilroy’s 150th anniversary year. I’m Mayor Marie Blankley, and I’m honored to be giving my first State of the City, albeit during an historic pandemic. Vaccinations are in progress,...

Editorial: Rebeca should resign

City Councilmember Rebeca Armendariz should stand down from public office and save Gilroy citizens the expense and trauma of a recall election. An independent investigation concluded that Armendariz knew about and assisted preparations for an illegal party at which teen drinking occurred and at which...