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February 1, 2023

Letter: America is in trouble

We have a big election this year. President Trump seems to think this is Joe Biden’s America, well it’s not, it’s Donald Trump’s America, where mayhem and chaos is now an everyday thing!

Trump is a failure in every way! The virus, the economy. What is this, “1984”? Everything he is saying is the opposite of what’s really going on! The country is on fire while Nero lets our great country burn itself down to the ground! We are in trouble. His party is also responsible for not giving us the money for local and state help we need!

I’m a Democrat, but I’m also a progressive and a liberal American, and Trump even is hurting our post office. Have you seen this before?

The choice is easy. Do we want more unrest in the country, more violence? Get rid of Trump in 2020!

Daniel Garcia


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