Orchard Valley Youth Soccer League teams duke it out on local

Probe Specialists Green Sting 0

Almaden United 3

HIGHLIGHTS: During the first half, Marisa Mercado made 11 saves in her debut performance as goalie, including some classic diving sacrifices of skin.


Pipkin Racing’s Team America 5

Scorpion 4

HIGHLIGHTS: Jonathan Grifall, Edgar Hernandez, and Christian Haro each scored a goal, while teammate Hector Salgado kicked in a pair. Henry Phan, Matt Hemeon, Brian Hentschke, Xydeco Xydes, and Nick Blackwell were defensive standouts.


The Heat 1

MH Green Dragons 3

HIGHLIGHTS: The Green Dragons’ Remy Gross quickly scored the first goal, which was answered with a goal by Jackie Vidal of The Heat. Despite valiant efforts by Geralyn Moon at goalie for the first half and Montina Filice for the second half, the Green Dragons went on to score two more goals.


Sakata Seed America’s Sunflowers 4

MH Purple Rage 1

HIGHLIGHTS: The Sunflowers cranked their record to 6-1 with goals from Alex Maldonado, Karalyn Podesta, Nicole Gonzales and Monique Kerstens. The assists were recorded by Ashley McDermott, Nicole Kramer and Brianna Alcantar. Sunflowers fullbacks Rahni Giardina and Francesca Comin played strong on ‘D’ while Allison Troini, Podesta, Maldonado, and Gonzales provided the midfield support to forwards Kerstens, Kramer, McDermott, and Alcantar.


Pink Panthers 5

Silver Gleamers 0

HIGHLIGHTS: Taylor Slattery and Kaylana Mah each scored two goals and Jamie Lanz added another goal for the Pink Panthers. The Panthers shut out the Gleamers with strong goaltending by Cailin McCarry, Rebecca Reiner, Bailey Fiorio and Emily Barham. Great hustle on the field was supplied by Krissy Simpson, Andrea Kovach and Brittini Bombino.


Mission Valley Ford Thrashers 7

Mega Wolves 5

HIGHLIGHTS: The Thrashers’ seven-goal outing was led by Jason Struzik (four goals), Miller Menzie (two goals) and Kevin Jones (one goal). Ben Trioni added four assists for Mission Valley Ford. Jonathan Diaz had a game-high five goals for the Wolves. Thrashers’ netminder Brad Speno held off a late Wolves rush to preserve the win.

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